The Travel

The motivation to travel the exhibition around all the Mediterranean countries is a result of many reasons, but the most important one is the influence and integration of art within the social, political and economical circumstances in such a complicated and fragile area as ours.

As an artist, I have never hesitated to combine political and social beliefs in my works of art or the place they have been exhibited in, always trying to evoke a personal or cosmopolitan discussion or dialogue around the selected topic of the exhibition.

The experience was abut the way my art is criticized, the comprehensive argument that is set, or the urge of stormy emotion that is raised, but mainly it is a self-observation into the heart of a conflict.

The mobility of this exhibition through all of the Mediterranean countries is an artistic tribute of an Israeli artist and the state of Israel, to the viewers and artists of all those countries.

These flags can open a new range of discussions, from the personal point of view to a public one, evoke internal reaction, test similar identities in spite of the differences of state, sex or religion, opens a new position for expression and focus on women or the status of women, in this unique and complex area.

The exhibition:

In each country, the locution of the exhibition should be a gallery or a museum near the Mediterranean coast, the embassy of Israel, festivals and such.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an English catalog that will contain credits, pictures of the works with translations to various languages, as well as articles by the curator, Ms. Hanna  Kofler.

There will also be a web site that will exhibit the works of art, articles and documentation of the exhibition travel in every country it will have visited and an on line response and exchange of verbal or visual opinions from people all over the world. Traveling the exhibition, hanging, opening, and public relations.

All of this will become possible in cooperation with:
The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs that will transport the exhibition, Education bureau, Jewish community, ambassadors, cultural attaches, and Mifal Hapais. The European Union, international funds, grants.

Mediterranean organizations identifying with special fields like environment, adult education, universities and women’s organizations, Sponsors, investors and interested parties.

The TRAVEL starts  On the 8.3.07 “woman day” in G-art Gallery in Istanbul,
GOSB TEKNOPARK – Israel Turkey cooperation. Gebze Kocaeli, Turkey