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Statistical applications in the field of education and education researches prove that the two districts are unsuccessful to drop the province average in education success, within whole Turkey. These districts are Gebze and Kandira.

Gebze, in the last decades, has become a settlement where uncontrolled industrialization and immigration occupied with an accelerated pace. Hundreds of families from any part of Turkey, without sufficient socio-economic resources, have migrated to Gebze District for a fresh start. After such migrations, the families with a common origin settled around the industrial areas to form ghettos. After satisfaction of being in a socially safe position, they started a struggle for a better economy. Perhaps, after failure to realize a preparation from the point of public management, a life process which could yield various negativities have come to an existence. Lower education levels of families, children’s being seen as an economic contributors, feudal traditions, their sparse settlements, unestimated population increase, problems in the schooling etc. cause Gebze to suffer problems in education as is the case in many other public service. In this region, it is unfair to expect a development through public hand, without contributions of NGOs, foundations and donators.

By means of the “Child Art and Science Education Workshops” established within GOSB Teknopark, we want to overcome the problems related to insufficient class hours of children, negative physical conditions, application difficulties. Also, such contribution will allow their development as persons whose scientific background, aesthetic and design skills are very much developed as our future partners.

Within the Gebze Organized Industry Zone, we, GOSB Teknopark Management, as a considerable asset with regard to technology, are designing a series of education activities for the children or youth living close to the zone under the “Social Responsibility” consciousness. We have for that purpose established technical training and art workshops for the children of the region and provide them with free education. Our purpose is offering such technology to the future generations and introduction of technoparks and high technology to children, which are in fact considered as a very natural environment of technology.

GOSB Teknopark “Child – Youth Art Education and Science Workshops” is educating more than 100 students within the educational activities. The education they attend within the GOSB Teknopark opens new horizons to them. Fully aimed at practice, the workshop studies offer unlimited creativity and imaginative power use to the students.

Child Art Education Workshop

“An interdisciplinary art education in a medium where 5 senses are activated”, this working technique is used to provide more comprehensible works and fundamental techniques from the point of culture and history. This technique, developed by our art lecturer Malik DOGAN, the application technique is defined with its taste, odor, sound, display and material codes which belong the date of origin.

The content of the education within the “Child Art Education Workshop” has been organized from the techniques and applications which are included by “Visual Arts” through drawing, painting, kneading, joining, chiseling etc., perceiving through the skills aimed at muscular development, interpretation, analysis – synthesis or similar expression and internalization skills. The studies are specialized in drawing works, collage, assemblage, earthenware, mosaic, marbling, relief – sculpture works, ceramic works, recreation works or such other subtitles.

All working sections are divided into processes such as Information Sharing, consolidating, applications, interpretations and critics and exhibition. In the process of education, plenty of visual materials are to be used in order to provide a more comfortable education environment and improve the visual memory accumulations of the students. For that purpose, the application techniques (processes) are instructed, exemplary applications are shown, and the works of significant masters of art are analyzed through visual media (using where available, PowerPoint Presentations and VCD films)

Child Science and Technology Education Workshop

Dilek Sahin, our instructor appointed at the Child Science and Technology Class, is currently attending to Kocaeli University Education Faculty Science Education Program. In this project, Miss Dilek, a member of our team, was selected from among 25 volunteering teachers. In order to contribute her education, she was allowed to observations and works within various organizations.

Among the most important sharings in this issue, the “GEMS” Modern Mathematic and Science Experiments information is included. For the studies on this subject, new sharing dates are determined. In the Science and Technology Workshop, all studies take place under guidance, providing an opportunity to the students for a discovery in any discipline. With the simplest meaning, we establish links for the students to develop a knowledge for the natural processes of the scientific information and their application fields today.

Child Science and Technology Education Workshop teaches science and technology to students in its natural environment, in a student centered manner, considers own skills and intelligence of each student and in accordance with Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory, the intelligence types of students (kinesthetic intelligence, mathematical – logical intelligence, linguistic intelligence, visual – spatial intelligence, inter-personal intelligence, personal intelligence, musical intelligence, naturistic intelligence) “An inter-disciplinary art education where 5 senses related to the subject are activated” so that students learn through happiness.

In the Child Science and Technology Education Workshop, the fundamental principles of physics, chemistry, biology or astronomy are comprehended. It also aims analysis – synthesis skills and the lives of the scientists who contributed emergence of such principles, from the point of their life period and the discoveries are analyzed with regard to history of science or world. Through the educations within the workshop, the education environment is enriched and the students with different intellectual capabilities are reached using pps, films or documentaries. At planned times within the Child Science and Technology Education Workshop, a cooperation is established between GOSB and the R&D and production units within GOSB Teknopark. The students come face to face with the real practitioners to feel technology in their deep spirit. takes place at suitable places outside the workshop.


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